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Looking for a new job is easy.  Finding a position to heighten your career potential is complex.  At JFS Partners we partner with exemplary organizations with opportunities that accelerate reaching your goals.  We have thoroughly reviewed each position and organization, not only for job responsibilities and salary, but for personality types and organizational culture.  We don’t want to find your next job, we want to move you into the next step on your path.  Once we identify the right opportunities for you, one of our experienced staff will counsel you throughout the interview process.  JFS Partners will handle all negotiations to create a frictionless transition into your new position.

Confidentiality and working to enhance your career opportunities is of the utmost importance to our staff.   We are talking to your colleagues in the marketplace every day.  This ensures that our information is current and the options we provide are among the very best available in the marketplace.  We will be your resource, keeping you well-versed in what’s going on in your field.  At JFS Partners we realize that you want to trust that a recruiting firm is striving to find the right opportunity for you.  We have the access to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  Whether you are a top-flight professional aimed at gaining a broader depth of experience or a CFO and believe you have positioned yourself to take on a higher level of leadership, we have the duality of being adaptable and focused, able to work with you to develop the right strategy within your chosen career.

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